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Jazzy D is an innovative music producer based in Perth, Australia, deeply immersed in the global jazz fusion and soul scene. Jazzy D gained widespread acclaim with his 2018 hit “Sweet Light,” a collaboration with soulful powerhouse Amber Sweeney, securing a remarkable #1 on the USA UK, Worldwide Independent charts and dominating the USA Indie soul charts for five consecutive weeks at #1.

Jazzy D’s musical journey commenced in high school, where his talent as a lead trumpeter in the jazz fusion band foreshadowed his future endeavors. In 2016, he embarked on a soulful exploration, crafting a unique fusion of soul, jazz, and neo-soul. Blurring genre boundaries, his music captures classic influences with a modern twist, drawing inspiration from artists like Jamiroquai, Airto, and D’Angelo

Collaborating with world-class artists such as Kenya, Lorine Chia, Amber Sweeney, Sophia Ripley, Jay Nemor, FireVerse, Deli Rowe, Angela Gooden and Bluey, Jazzy D brings his musical visions to life. Guided by a passion for smooth tones, he expertly fuses jazz and soul, collaborating with Grammy-winning sound engineer Chris Allen (New York) to elevate his mixes.

Jazzy D’s accolades include winning the 2018 Atlas Elite Entertainment award for Best Jazz Single (Sweet Light) and earning the “Indie Soul Grammy” for Best Artist in 2019, as voted by fans on Soul CafĂ© Radio USA.

In 2020, Jazzy D’s jazz track “Song Like Ours” featuring Angela Gooden made waves, earning a spot on the official Curated Spotify Jazz playlist and amassing nearly 600,000 plays to date.

Now, in 2024, Jazzy D embarks on a new reggae journey with “Keep It Kool,” a departure from his jazz fusion and neo-soul focus. This new venture features an ensemble of global talents, including Dancehall star FireVerse (Jamaica), Sandrine Charrier (France), and saxophonist Ilia Skibinsky (Germany). As his musical journey unfolds, Jazzy D’s commitment to crafting beautiful, genre-defying music remains unwavering. Jazzy D 2024