London-born producer explores Reggae vibes with a world class lineup of international musicians.
Acclaimed music producer Jazzy D is gearing up to captivate global audiences with his latest single, a
reggae dance track titled “Keep It Kool,” set for release on May 17, 2024. Known for his fusion of jazz,
neo-soul, and hip-hop, Jazzy D is excited to share a new side of his musical ability as he explores the
world of Reggae.
Hailing from London and currently based in Perth, Australia, Jazzy D has carved a niche in the music
industry with his skilled, passionate approach to music production. His previous hit, “Sweet Light,”
soared to #1 on the UK Soul charts and dominated the USA Independent Soul charts for five
consecutive weeks.
“Keep It Kool” marks Jazzy D’s inaugural foray into the reggae genre, a departure from his usual focus
on Jazz Fusion and neo-soul. The track boasts an ensemble of world-class musicians, including
Jamaican born dancehall reggae star FireVerse on vocals, Sandrine Charrier from France on backing
vocals, and the exceptional saxophonist Ilia Skibinsky from Germany. Other contributors include world
renowned pianist/composer Marco Gnoatto (Argentina) on composition and piano, Ezequiel Rivas
(Argentina) on bass, Karigan Reggae Drummer (France) on drums, Marcelo Effori (Canada) on
percussion, and Nnamdi (USA) on guitar.
The song, meticulously written and produced by Jazzy D, features lyrics penned by FireVerse and is
expertly mixed and mastered by two-time Grammy winner Chris Allen from New York. With an upbeat
summertime reggae dance vibe, “Keep It Kool” exudes positive energy, promising reggae enthusiasts
an infectious track that invites them to dance and have a good time.
Acknowledging the outstanding contribution of saxophonist Ilia Skibinsky, who contributed the horn
section arrangement for the track as well as 2 solos on Alto and Tenor saxophones.
Jazzy D emphasizes the unique and vibrant elements that Skibinsky brings to the track, adding an extra
layer of musical brilliance.
“Keep It Kool” will be available on various digital platforms, with Spotify being the primary outlet for
fans to experience the groovy rhythms and feel-good vibes crafted by Jazzy D and his international
In the spirit of his previous successes, including the acclaimed Neo-Soul track “Free” featuring Sophia
Ripley, Jazzy D continues to deliver sophisticated, polished productions that showcase the seamless
synergy among a diverse group of talented musicians. As anticipation builds for the May 17 release,
music enthusiasts worldwide are poised to embark on a musical journey with Jazzy D’s latest creation,
“Keep It Kool.”