With the textures and energy of a live performance and the sophistication of a polished production, Perth-based, London born Jazzy D’s latest soulful RnB hit Fight No More is set to redefine the traditional love song. Recorded in an array of studios across the globe and finished off with a pristine sound by New York’s finest engineer Chris Allen.

The international effort of world renowned pianist/composer Marco Gnoatto, drummer Pablo Argat and Bassist Ezequiel Rivas’ performances are glued so tightly together it would be easy to suggest they played alongside each other in the one space. US singer songwriter Stevie L teams up with renowned vocal powerhouse Amber Sweeney, moulding their voices together seamlessly with matching timbres and emotional delivery creating an engaging performance from start to finish. Written together with Gnoatto, with the lyrics penned by Inga Frost, the soulful collaborative work flips the narrative of a traditional love song to tell a story from a newer perspective. To sum up this idea, Jazzy D states;

“I was inspired to write Fight No More after seeing so many relationships and marriages around me either breaking up or spending years fighting and not resolving these issues. I realized in order to get the narrative across in the track in a subtle way I would need a duet to be able to tell both sides of the story”.

Brilliant harmonies and atmospheric  synths open the track in an almost dream-like manner. “I am feeling déjà vu. Could it be that we are lost? Almost spinning round in circles. I am feeling déjà vu” begins Amber. The beat kicks in with signature soul-style keys. The two vocalists speak to each other in call-and-response, replicating a real conversation between a couple. Pinnacle chorus lyric; “I don’t wanna fight no more. It’s a cold, cold world. I just want to keep you warm” sums up the song’s core purpose perfectly; when a rift comes between a couple, each partner wants nothing more than to go back to when they were closer. Pad strings close the song off in a way that lingers far after the first listen, inviting you to find your love and hold them close, appreciating the good.


Out now "Fight No More" Feat. Stevie L & Amber Sweeney