Once again Jazzy D delivers the goods. With a top drawer sophisticated polished production.
Perth-based, London born Jazzy D’s latest Neo-Soul track “Free” Feat. Sophia Ripley is one of his best to date.
The international effort of world renowned pianist / composer Marco Gnoatto, Drummer Pablo Argat, Bassist Ezequiel Rivas’ and on Brass Will Allen, are once again at the forefront of Jazzy D’s production. Their performances are glued so tightly together it would be easy to suggest they played alongside each other in the one space.
Finished off as always with a pristine sound by Grammy Winning engineer Christopher Allen.
UK singer songwriter Sophia Ripley teams up with the band, moulding together seamlessly to deliver a one off sublime performance from start to finish. Written by Jazzy D, Marco Gnoatto and Sophia Ripley, Sophia states
“The Neo-Soul collaborative work tells a story about a beautiful relationship that had to end and the empowerment felt when you finally find and love yourself”
A blend of soulful vocals, laid back Rhodes and muted trumpet open the track in a totally Neo-Soul manor.
As the first verse kicks in with that smooth soulful vocal from Sophia and that Jazzy D signature soul-style keys that we are all accustomed to, you just know you are in for a treat!
Brass and strings open up the chorus “So now I’m free and I can see who I want to be, I do believe, that I can follow my own destiny” Superbly written lyrics so poignant for the title of the track!
That signature neo-soul synth and bass works its magic through the bridge along with the subtle brass to close the song off in a way that lingers long after the first listen.
With this being their first collaboration it will almost definitely set the bench mark for future collaborations between Jazzy and Sophia. Photo Credit – Lauran Luke

Free will be available from 22nd April 2021 on All Platforms

Out now "Free" Feat. Sophia Ripley